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  1. Been thinking the same thing since the topic was created.
  2. The Empress and Rainbow are just edits of items that already existed, but were locked in the game client (which can be easily unlocked, Ultima probably has the said addresses unlocked). Larva could easily edit a few locked items to be exclusive for Ultima though. Here's a list of them: His program can actually add weapons (among other things besides just items themselves) to the file. Empress and Rainbow weren't added like that. To actually add stuff to the file you need to actually add the said data (which is easy). Then you have to fix all... what was it 300 ish pointers because they all need to be change due to the expanded file (you ain't doing that manually with a hex editor). People should be thankful for the editor he released in the first place though, if it wasn't for that you would still have completely default items now. Oh also, you'll only be able to convince him with words. He'll never give it for money, lol.
  3. Larva didn't put the yellow ring on the allow list so you didn't get it I guess. This is a easily fixed problem though if Larva see's this. Also, you didn't finish Challenge mode fast enough to get a S rank, that's why it didn't pop up.
  4. No HP mat for forest offensive. For mines offensive. Normal: Photon drop Twin Brand Ice Staff:Dagon L&K14 Combat Hard: DB's Armor Anti Android rifle Crazy Tune Samba Maracas Veryhard: Tension Blaster Lolipop Flameberge Attribute Wall Ultimate: Last Swan Red Sword Earth Wand: Brownie Master Raven Kasami Bracer Limiter Girasole Rika's Claw
  5. If Larva fixed it, luck materials should drop off of anything (depends on the section id and area your in) around... 1/1000 to 1/333 (numbers aren't made up, just they vary, but they are either those or between those). Some areas it won't drop (mainly forest on normal from what I looked at, depending on id though). The rates seem closer to 1/333 for higher difficulties.
  6. Happy bday Jani. =^^=

  7. I loled. Psycho Wand DOES drop from quests and there's no reason why it wouldn't drop. Keep in mind the drop rate is 1/200 something off the rare lily. Luck is luck, just cause you killed 200 rare lilys doesn't mean anything, your not guaranteed it. I don't know about the red slime thing though. I doubt that's really the case. Then again, if I see a red slime, it's the first thing dead.
  8. Seems like something extremely random, and I doubt it will happen again (has been playing pso for a LONG time). If this happens again though, I suggest you quickly use a telepipe and go back cause people will think your hacking with that speed.
  9. http://www.google.com/ >>..... I don't know if it will help though, this only solves some issues while I'm playing, never got your error before. Might help may not.
  10. Data execution prevention.
  11. :3 sowwy <3

  12. I think Happy hours increased drop rate messes up 1/2 and 7/8 drop rates (not exactly sure why, but it does that). The happy hour did not make it 21/8 (logically it would, but it doesn't). I think how the drop rate is actually increased glitches the number of really common drops. The server generates a number and looks it up on a table. Now the drop rate increase divides the said number, in this case by 3) (and yes, you want the roll to be as low as possible). This is what determines if you get the rare of not: "rare_roll < rare_rate" So if the random number is less than the rare rate you get your rare. It's probably dividing too low or something which is messing it up for the extremely common ones. All other drops are fine (most in the game). If you want a 1/2 and 7/8 drop, don't try on happy hours, your bound to get it easily. As long as the drop rate doesn't equal 1/1 or greater you should be fine (basically 1/3 drop rates or higher).
  13. Npc I'm working on for episode 1 solo mode that "hires" npcs to help ya. If Larva like's it I'll give it to him.
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