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  1. Hello to all Ultima players, I will be hosting a mini-event today from 23:00 GMT (11pm). It will be a word search and I will also be adding specials to Type weapons and other weapons that don't come with specials (Yasminkov series not included and the duration will be into Sunday).

    Prizes will be handed out to the first 8 users who finish. Prizes will be as follow...

    Trophy_Gold_icon.png1st place: GALATINE 20N /0 /0 /0 /20H + Custom Mag + Heart of Poumn /0 /40A.B /40M /40H + 50 Photon Drops - Cyane

    Trophy_silver_icon.png2nd place: Sealed-J Sword 10H + Slicer Of Fanatic 45H + Custom Mag + 25 Photon Drops - Soly

    Trophy_bronze_icon.png3rd place: Zanba /0 /30A.B /0 /0 30H + Iron Faust 15H + Master Raven 15H + Liberta Kit - Fyrewolf5

    4th place: Yasminkov 3000R 20H (Hell) + Heaven Striker 40H - Squish

    5th place: Heaven Punisher /0 /0 /0 /55D /45H + Shouren 35H + 20 Photon Drops Jonesy88

    6th place: S-Rank Shot (King's) + S-Rank J-Cutter (Zalure) - Armando

    7th place: Black King Bar 20H + 10 Photon Drops - Guido Palau

    8th place: Mother Garb+ + Ignition Cloak + Gifoie Merge - Hyosuke

    The word search will be posted up at 23:00 GMT, topic is locked until the nearing of the opening. Items listed as prizes may change....

    To those of you that do not know how to upload a image to the forum. First you need to upload it, personally I use postimage.org because no registration is required then click the icon like in the image below and paste the direct link address in.


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  2. That happens when there is syncing issues between you and the server (maybe the login was down too). You should also change blocks often after doing trades and transfers. Im am not 100% sure but running multiple windows too may encourage this bug to happen.

  3. Ok i list again what is lost for me after the Rollback :

    Dark Meteor 0/80/0/80/50

    Dark Flow 0/100/0/100/50

    TJS 0/60/0/0/40




    Frozen Shooter 20/0/30/0/35

    Ult.Reaper 25/0/45/0/70

    Yasminkov 9000 Charge 0/0/0/0/60

    Lavis Blade 0/0/35/35

    Mag Agastya 5/155/40/0 twins,estlla,Pilla Colour White

    Mag Agastya 11/183/6/0 twins,Golla,Farlla Colour : White

    50 PDs from Mass tradet Hs 25 Hit with him before rollback no screen sry :(

    4x NoobHP

    *1 Cent Mind lost while login Server was down did not save

    Items restored apart from Dark weapons and 1 Centurion/Mind

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