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  1. Ok since I cut off Larva's access to server and database... we'll try to start Summer Event during incoming weekend. That is June 19th or 20th of 2021 Thanks for your patience and feel free to refer anyone asking this again to this post.
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  2. Perdí mi correo “steff_04@hotmail.es” porque era demasiado viejo y outlook hizo de todo menos ayudarme a recuperarlo. Quiero saber si puedo recuperar mi cuenta con este correo, pero cuando intento entrar a ese correo, simplemente aparece que mi cuenta fue cancelada. No hay alguna forma de recuperar la cuenta? Estoy regresando al juego después de unos 10 años Eng: I lost my mail “steff_04@hotmail.es” bc it was too old and outlook just did nothing to help me log on it. I just want to know if its possible for you guys to recover my account. You can see the mail is mine si
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  3. Any chance we can get like 5x exp or something to boost the amount of actives a day or two before the event starts?
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  4. thanks to all for reply on this post specially to @C01D1 please close this post!
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  5. @Grantz I think I hit all the criteria with this no?
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