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  1. Event will be taken down Monday December 25th at the 00:01 time.
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  2. It's a miracleee one year round PGF I mean January XD anyway event was suppose to END this past Monday 18. but since we didn't put it down ... I guess we are giving away one more week LOL
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  3. PGF drops all year round??? It's a Christmas miracle!
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  4. Was great to see ya streaming again. Glad you doing okay. Stay safe fella.
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  6. So we play it for the year ? 🎅 Or do you mean Monday January 25th
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  9. Just making a more official post here since this topic made a lot of confusion. As it was stated in last year's topic, New Year Cards were no longer redeemable since this Christmas event started. Past year's service was Shield and Armors upgrade, the post wrongly linked to Mags change topic because copy/paste from last year's post, as you could guess with the given dates. Mags change service was a thing 2 years ago and may or may not return. You will be able to redeem New Year Cards later, after Christmas event ends. There will be an official announcement about it wh
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