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    So i got to thinking about Pioneer 2 last night and I wondered: "what would it be like, living aboard Pioneer 2?" If you have any thoughts or notions or preconceptions about what living aboard the ship would be like, feel free to post and discuss it here. Here's my thoughts: Living on the Pioneer 2 would probably feel pretty free yet eerily restrictive. From what the sweets quest says, I guess the dietary restrictions on Pioneer 2 aren't too bad- I'd figure that they'd have a pretty sustainable agriculture dome. (The agricultural dome failing and requiring a part from the tower would be a cool quest idea.) However it would kinda suck not to have sweets aboard the ship. I think because the sisters sold cake, that's like: "no chocolates, no sweets, no desserts, etc." would probably be just staple foods. They'd also need some sort of sweetening substance, otherwise all the officers would take their coffee black (that's how i like my coffee!) Speaking of authority, there's quite a few different sectors aboard the ship. WORKS and the other parts like the lab or the Morgue would be interesting- and I figure with the socio-political ongoings, there would be no shortage of jobs- however, since most of the people aboard Pioneer 2 are refugees from coral, I wouldn't imagine there's much wealth density within the population. That would make hunters the biggest entrepreneurs aboard! Most playthroughs see massive amounts of meseta ending up in the pockets of hunters. The most interesting aspect though is actually LIVING on the Pioneer. I imagine social circles are quite small and livings somewhat crowded, even though the ships really big and population dense. Hence the want to relocate to prime real estate on Ragol. Although it's also stated that the folks living in space have grown accustomed to being on a ship and don't want to migrate anyways- and some kids have grown up aboard the ship too. would you want to relocate to Ragol after years of being aboard a space ship that's become your home? Personally, I'd go down to Ragol. And I'm sure, as you know- there's TONS of political intrigue amongst the ship. I bet talking politics has gotten really tiring for a lot of the folks aboard wondering why they're still in orbit. Especially after 20 years since the Falz-Flow-Saint Incident. Anyways, that's my take on it. for the most part. What do you folks think?
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    This could be us, but you playing PSO
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    I've never seen a bathroom or living quarters on Pioneer 2, so I can only assume that if all hunters lived there it would be covered in caca and you'd see people sleeping on hard metal floors all over the place. OPE! can't buy trimates from the vendor because theres 12 hunters sleeping covered in filth in the way.... But at least theres a clinic and gallons roulette to pass the time.
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    My sister told me: I want a Mustang. And I told her: And I want an "Elric"
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