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    I've been aware of this thread for a while, but have been thinking long and hard about what could actually improve this game and not throw its mechanics out the window. So, here's my thought, the one thing this game lacks and has always lacked: Damage over Time. Zonde spells can shock/stun robots. Gi and Rabarta can freeze enemies (can barta27+ freeze them too? I don't actually remember), Foie can... do... uh, fire damage? None of the Foie-line spells have anything unique about them. I'm aware that coding a mechanic like this isn't a simple undertaking, but if the idea was liked enough, the the effort would be warranted. But that's not on me; I'm just here to toss the idea into the hat. The major reason I bring this up is 'Casts. Back when Version 2 on Dreamcast was new, I imported the JP version because I was so hyped to play it. When I looked in the Customize menu after making my RAcast, I was really excited to see four types of traps, having only heard of three from my friend who imported it first. I leveled and leveled and leveled like crazy, desperately hoping that fourth trap type would unlock when I got into ultimate mode or something. I then sadly realized that the fourth trap was just a PVP thing, and 'Casts only had those three types of traps. I loved, and still love my robits, but something was sorely missing that I felt always should have been there. Herein is the crux of my suggestion: I feel that FOIE, no Rafoie or Gifoie, should have a DoT effect added to it. Something like 20% extra damage based on initial damage over some set period of time. It wouldn't be horribly IMBA because if you're foie spamming you're probably a Fonewy and you're gonna spam it anyway. It just means you get a little more bang for your TP between Rabarta CC casts. To add to this, I think it would be pretty sweet to have 'Casts fire-based damage traps also have a DoT associated with them, except I think it should be unrelated to base damage (casts can't choose elemental resistances and sometimes they're worthless being fire-only), and be based on the Cast's LEVEL as opposed to something that can be statistically altered via gear. 'Casts get more traps as they LEVEL UP, therefore, scaling the damage they deal based on that would keep them in line with the current balance. Thanks for your time reading and/or considering my suggestion. Love this server, love this game, and really hugely appreciate all the hard work this team tirelessly puts into it. Seriously, I love you guys.
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    Yo se que es tuya, por eso dije, que moviste (a travez del trade window) la SOV a esa cuenta pero no veo que la hayas movido de vuelta. Ok... la puse de vuelta en tu slot 1, como tiene el inventario lleno, lo puse en vez de una scape doll. No te recomiendo que tengas el inventario lleno, ya que podria causar problemas como estos.
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    don't know if it's been said. New Years Cards doing something. Mag stat change added to donation list pls :"L
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    Tengo un ligero problema a el entrar a el juego y es cuando intento seleccionar el personaje, Perdon por poner el link y no la imagen pero es porque ya no se como agregarlas a el post >< http://imgur.com/wdaKEaX
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    Ya intente quitando los skins y reinstalando el juego,aun no funciona nada
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    A el mover el cursor y aveces justo cuando inicio el juego
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    Pues solo tenia uno en el Racast pero no me tiraba error
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    Si sucede en otras,intento descargar el juego de nuevo pero Mega me lo inpide por lo del ancho de banda T-T No tendras el link por Mediafire o otro lugar? :s
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