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    I just wanted to make a post to point out that I found this Valentines event to be the most enjoyable one that I've taken part in since joining this server. So thanks to all of you who worked on it to give us a good time, but now time to get to the point of my post. I'd really like to see events not just be boss runs every time, it's not so bad every once in a while but this move away from doing the same three quests in every event (TTF, RT, POD), and since I think most of the people here agree with me on this we should really be letting them know I am not entirely against drops from bosses, especially certain ones that really deserve to drop from a boss. Even after having found everything I wanted this event I tried to go out and get everything using just my main ID, and even just doing that I found enjoyable. Having this available from on every ID but from different places, and done in such a way was a very cool aspect of this event because it pushes you to play all the different areas. It's actually really taken me back to a feeling more like when I just started here and wandered around killing trying to see what my ID can get. Really I only have one issue with this event, that it heavily favored episode one, which isn't even a problem as it is probably my least played episode, so it made me do quests that I don't do very often which in reality is a good thing. I'd really like to see episode 2 and 4 treated in the same way in the future. This really kicked ass, I had been looking forward to this event anyway because I hadn't been able to take part in it last year, however, Easter(although the morfos hunt last year was fun) I was not excited for, or Triforce(Gal, RT, TTF, ew), but I now find myself very excited to see what these have in store.
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    Please bring event back. I don't have enough Amore roses.
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    I totally misread the title on my phone and was like "oh god. Please not a Hitler topic to close."
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    We will try to make some people cry in our next event XD thanks.
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    Starting the ranking here : pishion : 6 pt radezz : 3 pt Thank you guys for participating and playing along with the rules nicely =)
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    Speak for yourself about ease... I tried hard and never found a lindcray or bbs. I'm just resting well knowing I at least have a few extra Love Rappy Hearts to trade in the future. But cheers to the Ultima team for a great event either way.
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    If anyone plays TERA on Celestial Hills server, I'd be glad to trade you some of my good gear here for gold or items over there. Inbox meh
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    Ban's lv 200 Ramar is all about it. Can't play until next week
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    Alright, I didn't know that.
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    Demon will kill. If you demon a monster at 3hp, it will round down and kill.
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    It was fun, but just let me say when it came to "ease" for getting the stuff, that's only if you actually are already well-established and were strong and/or had friends to help. For the small guy like me, I beg to differ. Some friends who joined at the same time as me who played only for a few hours a day only got 1 of the major drops. That's it.
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    Basically there are 3 different places to acquire type weapons. They all involve the Maximum Attack Series quests. Max attacks 1ver2 and Max Attack 2ver2 are used for Beach Laughter weapons (collecting all 22 hearts of class/id), Maximum Attack 3ver2 is claimed in Beak's Cafe just with the tickets gained in that quest at the sub desert roulette (once per character, first win gets type weapon, 20tickets needed), and the final way is with 15k kills in each episode Max Attack 4 series quests and claimed in MA4 - Deep Sea Rendevous (which we have not added just yet, but are working on). (Types marked with * are obtainable in Beak's Cafe much, much easier than other methods) Beach Laughter Rewards Beak's Cafe Rewards (get offered 4 options, first 3 are gender based, last option is class based) Deep Sea Rendevous Rewards (when we do add it)
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    what type of drug u need to play this event...the rules lost me
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    I know right, fuck this Mudkipz guy. He's a stupid asshole. I completely agree with everything stated.
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    make sure to fill this out before you leave so we can better this server.ok
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