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    I tested a few more of these... I see no problem with 50 hit on DB's Saber. Even the strongest one does not seem too overpowered to me with 50 hit. I was testing on a racast with shifta 30. Maguwa also is just funny. It's vjaya but a "hoe". Both of these are fine with 50 hit. As for Flowen's Sword, we've already done them before. (This does not mean we cannot do them again.) I wouldn't do 50 hit on flowen's, however, as they are already very easy to find with hit. The drop rates are relatively low for all the models we can add specials to. Tanegashima would be a waste since it cannot combo. Any specials we add (even with 50 hit) would miss too much without combo. As for commander blade, it already has the special trap vision. Adding hit to it wouldn't make it "better" for its normal purpose. Besides, only team leaders can use it so it's very restrictive who can equip it. If people really want it and vote for it to have hit added, I suppose we could. But it would make more sense to ask for say, hit on drill launcher or le cogneur as they would actually be good with hit. I have thought about adding hit to other weapons that could be useful with hit, but cannot be obtained with percentages. A few examples: Hammer - Special is Hell Drill Launcher - Not a bad weapon since it pierces. Meteor Rouge - Special is Demons (though it would need a lot of hit for demons to not miss since it does not combo) Tree Clippers - Fast, multitarget weapon with charge special Le Cogneur - Has no special. It's great with hit and special. Akiko's Wok - Special is Charge Kanei Tsuho - Special is Charge Since none of those can be found with percentages, those would be a good starting point for what to ask for in mini events if hit is what you're after. We've already had mini events to add specials and hit to Amore Rose, Valkyrie, Clio, and Ano Bazooka. I see no reason we couldn't do something similar with other weapons that no one uses. It's nice to have variety in useful weapons.
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    Totally we should do 50 hit on maguwa. I'll have to test the others.
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    Welcome, You joined just in time, we are having an event soon. These will be useful to you: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/9823-navgiation-topic-useful-links/
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    Protoss please proceed with the rollback. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    So happy for you <3 Just saw your screen shot post :D :D I was determined to help you find one.
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    How it feels to be Rudy when you play pso XD
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    MASS-100% Completion (FULFILLED):
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    Another attempt for 100-Souls farming, GG guys =D:
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    O.o grats on your PW hope it serves you well =]
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    Hmmmm looks like everyone is doing to lvl200 screenshots these days might as well join in =] # MASSIVE (Lvl200 - Play Time = 39:01:46)
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