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    Some PSOBB fanarts. No more Sweetie Boometta : Evolveon : Mechazora, ten years ago : Evolver & Impah (+18 content : Explicit Machines)
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    Normal Belra skin when @Larva
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    Old Linux Method So recently, the Nintendo Switch was able to run the Unbuntu Linux OS through hacking. This could be a pretty cool opportunity to give PSO a Linux Compatible Version / Installer! Someone could possibly say "Use Wine to launch PSO", well from what I've seen, PSO doesn't really cooperate well with Wine. In the Linux OS, it is possible to use an On-Screen keyboard which is useful, and it is also possible to use your own keyboard and mouse to use the OS. Im not sure if the Joycons can control your Character in PSO since i haven't tested anything yet, but if it couldn't, i'm pretty sure you can use other controllers and such! Theres many things you can also do with this OS, such as search the web, listen to audio files and watch videos! Its even possible to run the Dolphin Emulator (Gamecube/Wii Emulator) with this os! UPDATE 5/20/19: The Nintendo Switch has a ARM Cpu, which is a Phone Cpu. Windows 10 has a specific 32bit version where it supports ARM Cpus. This is amazing news! As it now allows us to forget about Linux, and instead makes us focus on Windows, which is a much simpler OS to use! There is a video of a person loading up the Windows 10 Installation, however he doesn't show any further progress of what he does with Windows 10. The publisher that made it possible for Windows 10's Installation Process to show on the Switch has yet to make it public. If anything new every shows up with this new Windows 10 OS, I will update this thread ASAP! Thank you @Mugiwara for finding this amazing information! Here is a video of the person loading up Windows 10 on his Switch: I'm hoping to see a lot of support for PSO on the Switch! It would be awesome to play PSO BB on the go! And speculating how PSO is a somewhat light game, i'm pretty sure the Switch can handle it just fine! I don't want this opportunity to slip by without anyone noticing since this is great! I would even go as far as to make a tutorial on how to install the Windows 10 and Installing PSO if it were possible! Please feel free to let me know what you guys think!
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    Zeldya has found a new friend. Beware the female booma !
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    OMG @Lipelis, that new Ten Years Blades skin is so bae
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    S> Offérton Hylain Shield (the Hylainic Frame) Millie Martau Milla Faucillies Samba Maricas Inferno Garisol Excuilber Professor of Sonic Team Psysco Wand ADPET Centauro/Ability Mapid Needle Burning Egg Psysco Ravens Heats Key Photo Buster Fozem Booster Panzer Frust Gail Geil Sliver of Vengeance Rainov 303 SNR-5 Rage du Glace Briger Rifle Ultima Bingers Estela Shard Scared Bow Cannon Rogue Ophelia Seize
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    The main reason I think people suggest sacred bow over water gun for fo for hell is because you would want sacred bow anyways because of the 50% grants boost. Not many want to "waste" their pgf's on a dark bridge to double that.
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    Click "Options" in the launcher. In the first tab you should have a box to check "Save credentials". Next time you log into the game the launcher should save your info. You can also save multi account info and then use the dropdown menu in the middle of the launcher to switch between those accounts. Hope this helps
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    I think they decided to delete Ten Years Blade, Ultima Bringer's, Frozen Faust and Arrest Faust from the server, given how useless the last three weapons are currently runs
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    178 Enviado desde mi Moto G (4) mediante Tapatalk
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    Sometimes having fun with your best friends is all the therapy you need...
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    Ok first time actually finding a bug, my character kept DC soon as I joined or created a game, with my deductive reasoning, with the help of @jezbuz we seen that white widow shield is bugged. Hoping for a resolution soon . Thank you GMs and technical support staff. We appreciate your hard work and are hoping to use this awesome looking shield ( with it's amazing stats) soon. Thanks 💚
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    @JL3 siiii se pudooooo!!!🤙🏻😁
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    It will be Halloween again by the time Larva reads this post
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    If you're a hot mom, please DM @mudkipzjm
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    this is a pretty comprehensive list of hunter weapons; if you wanna know where to hunt event things there's this: suppressed gun can't have zalure; it's exclusive to s-ranks
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    Event is finished. I would like to thank to everybody who contributed to our player made drop table. No official drop tables were released, rates remained unknown. Hopefully this topic has helped the community, I would like to ask a Moderator to close this. Thanks!
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    You probably have an incorrect depth buffer setting in the global pre-processor settings. Check and make sure: RESHADE_DEPTH_LINEARIZATION_FAR_PLANE = 1000 RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_UPSIDE_DOWN = 0 RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED = 0 RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_LOGARITHMIC = 0 Also, I just wanna show off some screenshots of the new preset I'm working on. I updated to the latest version of reshade (should be an easier install process) and am making use of some new shaders, one of which is an alpha release for "ray traced" global illumination (only in screen space though, so keep expectations tempered). I've tweaked colors and bloom as well, I think it's turning out quite good. That said, I can't upload that shader and preset because the global illumination shader isn't public yet. Once it is, I'll make sure to post it here! If you guys want an updated version of the mod minus the GI shader though, lemme know and I'll upload that. 2.0.1 "Pretty" preset: New work in progress:
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    180 Enviado desde mi Moto G (4) mediante Tapatalk
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    Quick correction, FOnewearl can not equip Godric's Cloak as it is FOmar only, Samurai Armor is all classes.
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    Heavenly battle and v101 have the same attack speed which is 40% I believe, and cent battle is 110% attack speed so yeah the difference it’s a big one. Can do faster combos compared to v101 and h battle. Definitely worth the investment.
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    no creo q nada sea tan grave para dejar un juego ya q es un juego xD las cosas de la vida real en cambio si son otra cosa el trabajo, problemas en casa, emocionales etc
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    CG on your veteran stats
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    This is what happens when you equip a White Widow:
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    Whatever you do, DO NOT click the "Do Not Click Me" under "About Me" in my forum profile.
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    When the files were added for the 420 shield only one new one was created "File 505", the 4 before that "File 501, 10 year blades", "File 502, Ultima Bringers", "File 503, Frozen Faust" and "File 504, Arrest Faust" were accidentally replaced with the shield textures.
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    Just an idea, but having ep4 pioneer ship look different than ep1 pioneer would be awesome. You could even hold a vote for potential colors/appearances. Maybe more rundown or even an entirely different color. I think it should add to the ep4 feel. Dunno if it's possible server wide but I think it would be awesome
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    Easter Event has started! Event drops Centurion/Luck - 60 LCK Centurion/Body - 75 DFP Centurion/HP - 125 HP Godric's Cloak - Fomar exclusive armor which boosts Gibarta Gifoie Rabarta and all stats Sue's Coat - Strong armor for female hunters which boosts the range of Shifta Deband Resta and ATP Kroe's Sweater - Strong armor for females which boosts ATA Samurai Armor - Strong armor which boosts LCK and RA techniques Soul Booster - Use this item on Excalibur to make Hundred Souls Girasole - Can be combined with Chromatic Orb to make Inferno Girasole Virus Shield: Vol Opt - Shield that boosts GI techniques and ATA Fury of the Beast - Powerful daggers with charge special for all classes Kiss of Death - Slicer with hell special for all classes Water Gun - Rifle for all classes, a special can be added for 10 donation tickets Proof of Sonic Team* Harmonic Resonance Core* Stellar Shard* Egg Rappy drops Each Easter Egg can contain any lower difficulty listed item Normal Easter Eggs Sonic Knuckle Huge Battle Fan Wok of Akiko's Shop Rocket Punch Drill Launcher Rabbit Wand Marina's Bag Panther's Claw Amore Rose Abuelita/Battle Chocolate Hard Easter Eggs Lollipop Parts of Egg Blaster Very Hard Easter Eggs Centurion/Mind Ashura Mag Cell Ultimate Easter Eggs Izmaela Game Magazine Commander Blade Heavenly/Technique PB/Increase Item Ticket Easter combinations *Proof of Sonic Team combinations Spread Needle => Arrest Needle Dark Bridge => Psycho Bridge *Harmonic Resonance Core combinations Samba Maracas => Samba's Fiesta Egg Blaster => Egg Blaster MK2 Tension Blaster => Morolian Blaster *Stellar Shard combinations Twinkle Star => Quasar Staff Guilty Light => Outlaw Star Mille Marteaux => Mille Faucilles Brightness Circle => Neutron Skin Let the Egg hunt begin! Thanks to @Auli'i @Lipelis @Lucapy @Nana7 @O9B066 again for the skins. Thanks to @Noob Saibot for the Portuguese translation. And special thanks to @FALC0N for the banner. The event will run from April 21th to May 12th.
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    Notifications when someone sends you DTs would be helpful, instead of having to check
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    I just want a simple life. I don't need to be filthy rich and well known, I just want to enjoy nice things, be with the people i love, and make new memories...
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    Hearing old music you used to love is like getting in touch with an old friend.
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    Vacation was amazing, it's good to be back.
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    Kiss of death- lll gill- yellowboze- tower- ultimate
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    I have updated the texture and it should work now. Please update again.
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    C/HP - Hildetorr Ep1 Viridia Ultimate
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    For reals this time xD
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    Hey. I hope you enjoy my Pso package containing custom skins, ogg, and neatly positioned Enb add ons for the upcoming events. The ogg pack contains music from various video games such as Zelda OoT, Zelda WW, Zelda MM, Lost Odyssey, Final Fantasy, and .hack//G.U. Custom textures are applied for various effects, NPC, and HUD including these areas: Episode 1: Forest, Caves, Ruins. -(Separate skins for Ultimate) Episode 2: Temple, Jungle, Seabed. -(Same skins for each difficulty) Episode 4: Crater routes, Crater Interior, Subterranean Desert 1. -(Same skins for each difficulty) Instructions: 1: Backup your current Pso folder. 2: Download Terror's Ultima Pso. http://www.mediafire.com/file/t3xamf9s8mem4ww/Terror's_Ultima_Pso.rar/file (The modular texture pack in the Pso folder contains stuff which you can use to further edit your game.) (Double click the add on menu tab to edit Enb add ons how you see fit.) Note: Vertex Fog recommended.
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    Holaaaaa Hola camaradas de pso :3 Mi nombre es Riva n.n (Rivaille en el juego) y quisiera darles primeramente un cordial saludo y una invitación muy especial al discord que he creado para nosotros los de habla hispana Cree este discord con fines de diversión y por que había escuchado que el discord oficial del server la mayoría habla solamente ingles,así que para una gran cantidad de los latinos se les dificultaba bastante ya que no saben hablar bien el ingles y desean ser parte de un discord!. Sean bienvenid@s Al canal le faltan algunas cositas que seguiré agregando conforme vaya llegando mas gente :3 Anímense! Opino que es muchísimo mas divertido jugar mientras escuchas y hablas con tus camaradas mientras hacen cualquier quest o simplemente charlar en el lobby. También es una manera de conocer a mas gente hispano parlante n.n Para los que no saben que es discord dejare una explicación al final de este post :3 aqui el link de nuestro servidor latino. https://discord.gg/zdPrgsJ Reglas : 1- Se Cool! Entiende que es un canal de voz,osea nada de insultos ni comentarios racistas. 2- Si estas con mas personas,da criticas constructivas y no destructivas. 3- Diviértete! Estarás con mas camaradas que hablan español . 4- Cualquier violación sera sancionada con un ban del servidor de discord latino para psobb. 5- Crear deliberadamente cualquier situación o debate toxico con la intención de socavar a otros jugadores o al staff no sera aceptada. 6- El spam no esta permitido! Mas adelante estaré pensando en agregar un canal para eso. 7- Pueden hablar de cualquier programa siempre y cuando no causen algún tipo de perjuicio al usuario. 8- En el chat de texto esta totalmente prohibido hablar del uso de herramientas que alteren el juego o brinden algún tipo de ventaja al jugador. No es correcto que ese sea material de discución en nuestro discord. 9- Esta permitido grabar las conversaciones con tal de reportar las faltas que van en contra de las reglas.Se las pueden hacer saber a serverus o a mi. 10- La severidad de la sanción siempre depende de la gravedad de la falta . Este es el link de nuestro servidor de discord ! https://discord.gg/zdPrgsJ animense a entrar Explicación de que es discord Discord es una plataforma de chat de voz,osea para hacer llamadas ya sean de solo 2 personas,o llamada múltiple (de hasta 12 personas o mas a la vez) No causa lag y es muy versátil.Cuando hagan click al enlace de nuestro servidor latino,entraran en una cuenta de huésped,ustedes deciden si quieren usar esa cuenta o crear una cuenta oficial de discord para su uso :3 cualquier duda que tengan no duden en contactarme. https://discord.gg/zdPrgsJ